Sailing with kids, a unique experience!

The saying: “if the children are having a good time, the parents are having a good time” certainly applies to a sailing holiday! With the wide variety of lakes and trips to the villages and towns, a stay on board can never be dull. We of course also provide life jackets for the youngest children, and you can also reserve a railing net to secure the children’s safety.

Some trips especially suited for children are: Kameleon Village in Terherne, Watersports Camping It Wiid in Eernewoude with a nice swimming pool, a play- and water paradise at Recreational Centre Bergermeer, the playground with swimming pool at the Kuilart on the Fluessen or making a campfire on “rabbit’s island” at the langehoekspolle, also situated on the Fluessen.

For young sailors-to-be we offer the possibility of renting an “optimist” for a small price of only € 75,00 per week. This small additional ship is always highly appreciated.

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