Why rent a sailboat?

Renting a sailing boat is often cheaper than owning one!

Think next to the purchase and also to ownership of your boat at:

  • The depreciation 5 to 10% per year.
  • Mooring fees of € 500,-to € 2000 per year.
  • Sometimes the winter storage (heated) up to € 1000,--at a time.
  • Annual maintenance to motor and sailing ship itself € .....!
  • The insurance of your ship € .....

This simple sum learns that you easily rent a ship 4 to 6 weeks a year before you can brake even with the cost of owning "your" private ship. Hereby, we assume, that you don't have to fund it!

Would you like to do business with a trusted partner that has over thirty-five years of experience with the hiring of sailing boats and motor boats in Friesland? Would you service and quality for a fair price, then you should now have your boat rentals at Maran Yachtcharter. Ideally located in the heart of Friesland on only 3 hours by boat from the IJsselmeer.

IJsselmeer and "Wadden-sea"

When you want to sail on the IJsselmeer or the world heritage "the Waddensea" we can often deliver the ship you need.

All of our cabin yachts are suitable and equipped to sail the IJsselmeer.
When you have the knowledge and experience you can also use a large number of our ships to:

The special feature of sailing the wadden.

  • Seals that you kindly look at you.
  • Dry fall on the wad with our Janneau 32 I.
  • Sailing on currents and tidal water.
  • Visit our beautiful Wadden Islands with "your own ship".

With the IJsselmeer on only a few hours by boat and the "new"-second  transit lock at Stavoren, makes renting a ship at Maran a good choice. The composition of our fleet ranging from a large number of fully equipped yachts and motor boats of 22 to 34 feet, as well as a large number of comfortable  Poly falcons, helps to ensure that we can offer to suit the ship for almost everybody. It's not for nothing that Maran Yacht charter is called when you want to rent a boat in Friesland.

Sailboat rental in the Netherlands