Sailing route in Friesland

The maximum passage height of the bridges is 3 meters!

Enjoy the peace, nature, water and the cosy villages and cities. That’s possible in the varied area of 'De Lits' and 'De Lauwers'.

Extensive, picturesque and peaceful
Located between the National Park De Alde Feanen and the lake of Lauwersmeer. You sail straight through the National Park of De Friese Wouden. Extensive, picturesque and peaceful. With an amazing nature area and cultural and historical treasures. And also hospitable and pleasant cities and villages full of activities and cosiness, unique shops, museums, churches and monuments.

Age-old sailing route
The Lits-Lauwersmeer Route connects the Frisian Lakes with the lake of Lauwersmeer and the places of Drachten and Dokkum via an age-old sailing route. The route offers extensive sailing possibilities towards the remaining part of Friesland and in the direction of the Wadden Islands and Groningen.

Voyage of discovery
In former days this route was used by turf- and peat-skippers. Historical cores like Burgum, Eastermar, Kollum, Rottevalle, Westergeest and Zwaagwesteinde are worth your visit. Get to know this surprising part of Friesland. The many berths along the route are the point of departure of your voyage of discovery on shore.

Sailing with a motor boat
The Lits-Lauwersmeer Route is suited for sailing with a motor boat. The maximum passage height of the bridges is 3 meters and the depth is 1.65 meters. For motor boats it is a connection between the lake of Lauwersmeer and the Frisian Lakes.

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