Rent a boat without a license in The Netherlands

You do not need a navigation licence for any of our vessels. However, we do expect you to have a reasonable amount of experience.

If you feel you are not quite up to the task, you can always take a few sailing lessons on the hired vessel. In general, it will only take 3 hours to get your skills up to scratch.

This instruction covers many facets of sailing and motoring "your boat", and a number of navigation rules. Ask about the possibilities of this instruction.

Note: this instruction you can book together with your boat reservation and is given immediately before the rental period!

Rules on the water and good seamanship

For good seamanship it is useful to at least have knowledge of some basic rules on the water.

The most important rules on the water are:

  • Commercial shipping has priority at all times.
  • Shipping channels and canals must be seen as the priority, in which you sail starboard.
  • Outside the fairway deviates a motor ship for a sailing ship.
  • A ship that sails on port takes precedence over a ship that sails on starboard.
  • When two sailing ships over the same bow sailing, the ship "higher at the wind" gives space to the other ship.
    But: always try to avoid a collision! Even when you are in your right!  (Good seamanship).
  • Please note that also on the water tickets are handed out for skippering a boat under influence.
Rent a boat with sailing instruction