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Some of the Additional costs.

Some of the Additional costs.

Additional costs

We will give you an indication for the possible additional costs of a 9 meter yacht.

Possible additional costs on your sailing holiday:

Overnight stay in harbours and cities: About € 8,= --- € 18,=.

Bridges and sluices:

About €0,= --- € 20,= a week.

Marrekrite flag:

€ 15,= in 2015, for staying overnight on more than 3000 spots free of charge.

Use of  gas:

By Maran for free.

Use of fuel:

Depands a lot of the type of ship and how-(long) you are using the engine. A week Friendship 28 will cost about €20,= / €30,=.

Cleaning costs:

When you will clean the Yacht yourself of course nothing. When the Maran team has to clean the boat the costs will be  €45,= / €60,=. For example for a Friendship 28 we will charge you € 60,=.

Renting sailing clothes:

We will charge you €3,= for a day.