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Maran: For a special motoryacht

Maran: For a special motoryacht
Beneteau Antares

Beneteau Antares

Why charter a motorboat at Maran:

A number of reasons why you should charter your boat at Maran Yachtcharter.

  • We rent a number of motorboats that you can only rent at Maran.
  • Perfectly maintained ships for hire and relatively inexpensive.
  • The ideal base for your boat rental near the Sneekermeer Lake.
  • When you want to hire a special motor.
  • All ships that we rent are our own ships.
  • Renting a ship is often much cheaper than to possess.

Nidelv 28

This sportive Norwegian motor yacht is a ship that will appeal to many (ex)- sailors.

Rent a ship with luxury and comfort that is simple to manage with two people. But also families or groups of up to five people will have a great sailing holiday with this ship. Come and experience Friesland, with its eleven cities, from the water.

An easy-to-navigate motor boat with a large cockpit.

The uniqueness of this motor yacht is the large open living space that keeps you in direct contact with the environment.

Some features of our Nidelv motor boat are: The spacious double aft cabin, the sun deck, the beautiful kitchen and spacious dining area in the cabin. Below deck you have a comfortable sitting area with tv and a spacious, lockable, toilet/shower room.

Amer Classic

"Retro" boat, Cabin Cruiser, or just a beautiful boat you can rent in Friesland Holland. It is all of that!

Our "Retro" Amer Classic

A spacious comfortable open boat with cabin? Or rather stylish, with the nostalgic allure of a classic lined retro bakdek-Cruiser, sailing in Friesland!

You like to sail stylish, with the nostalgic allure of a classic Bakdek retro-styled cruiser, in Friesland! We have a spacious comfortable boat with cabin for rent!

This retro bakdekcruiser of 8.70 meters combines sailing in style with all the comfort you want on board. An easy to maneuver ship, with all facilities like a thruster, stove, fridge, water and toilet on board. Also special in this particular segment is the headroom in the luxurious cabin. A comfortable stay in the spacious cockpit with 6 people is simply possible. The name weekend cruiser is not really applicable to this vessel, since it is particularly suitable for a longer stay on board.

Beneteau Antares 7.80

Unique, this sporty Beneteau Antares is now to rent at Maran in Friesland.

The Antares 7.80 is equipped with a spacious wheelhouse from where the huge windows give you a splendid view. Sailing under cover without feeling closed in! The light that enters through the large skylight and the huge sliding doors contribute to this.

In the fore-cabin of the Antares there is a lockable sanitary room with a fixed toilet and a 2.20 mtr. long double bed. In the wheelhouse you will also find a basic kitchenette with running water and a refrigerator. The U-shaped seating area can be converted into an extra bed. Suitable for 1 adult or 2 children.

The Antares 8.70 which you can rent from Maran Yachtcharter is also equipped with a comfortable cockpit cover that can be fully closed so that you can use this space even more efficiently!

This ship has a powerful and silent 70 hp, 4-stroke Yamaha outboard motor that allows easy manoeuvring. The average fuel consumption will range from 4 to 7 litres per hour, but at higher speeds this consumption will increase. With this engine, the Beneteau Antares will sail at a maximum speed of just under 20 miles per hour, as a result of which a motor boat licence is not required.

Video impression of the Beneteau Antares 7.80