Boat rentals and Corona virus

1 November 2021

Maran and COVID-19

Corona virus versus holidays?

The corona virus is keeping us all busy, causing much turmoil, economic uncertainties and raising many questions. Can we still go on holiday? And where can we still safely go! Questions that cannot all be answered as yet, but what we do know is that a holiday on and by the water in Friesland can be safe and carefree.

Corona virus and rent a boat from Maran in Friesland:
Of course, we apply all the commonly known conditions to treat each other sensibly also in the common social areas. Even now with all the restrictive measures, this is still quite possible with us.

The drawbacks:

  • Unfortunately, we (ports and recreation companies) are obliged to keep shower and toilet areas closed for the time being.
  • You may (currently) only stay on one ship together with family or housemates.

The benefits:  To plan a boating holiday at Maran include.

  • You travel with your own car in your own personal environment.
  • No need to cross a border.
  • Friesland surprisingly close with relatively few Covid 2019 infections.
  • In Maran Jachtcharter's picturesque harbour, you will not be confronted with large groups of people.
  • Aboard "your ship", you already have a natural distance to others of at least 1.5 metres.
  • All our boats are comfortably equipped with toilet and cooking facilities so you can easily prepare your own meals.
  • If desired, we can deliver your groceries on board in advance.
  • The catering industry is flexibly anticipating the new reality and has more and more takeaway counters for drinks, lunch or dinner.
  • Also on the Sneekermeer for example : or
  • You will stay in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Frisian lakes with just about the cleanest air in the Netherlands. Most harbours are easily accessible and have plenty of places. Friesland also has over 3000 Marrekrite moorings in the countryside. So you will always be able to find a quiet spacious mooring.
  • Perhaps the most important thing: you get away from the oppressive consequences of the corona virus.

Putting all this together, renting a boat from Maran is now also a very good option for a safe and relaxed holiday.

In short, also during this crisis, Jan Taekema and Hilda Jansma of Maran Yachtcharter would like to welcome you and take care of your boating holiday.

Kind regards,

Jan Taekema
Hilda Jansma

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