Sustainable on vacation!

13 May 2020

Wind - (energy) a beautifully sustainable and proven concept.

We challenge you to one of the most environmentally friendly holidays you can take. Rent a sailboat from Maran and actively experience the game of wind and water!

Did you know that:

  • Friesland is surprisingly close.
  • Travel costs and (fuel costs) are therefore very low.
  • The weather in Friesland is stable and pleasant.
  • After a week of sailing, people often have not yet used 10 liters of fuel.
  • A week sailing with a yacht in Friesland is the cheapest in all of Europe!
  • You can now book your boating holiday.
  • You deal with nature with all its facets.
  • You can see the birds and fish again in their natural habitat.
  • You can spend the night in the middle of nature without being "disturbed" by "false light".
  • You often take a limited amount of goods with you, which you handle much more efficiently.
  • You will produce much less waste this week.

In short: Choose the environment and sail with Maran!

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